Safely Turning Data into Information

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Certified and Licensed 

Skyview Drones understands that safety is paramount. Using drone technology is an innovative solution that will optimise productivity and maximise safe practices.


Asset Inspection

Skyview Drones can gain immediate visual access to elevated assets without the need for working at height, rope access and EWP’s. We provide detailed inspection reports that may be used towards planning of maintenance and shutdowns.

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Our 42-megapixel camera will capture the smallest details, so you can keep your investors informed and knowledgeable with the development of your project.

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Stock Pile Volume Calculation

Knowing stockpile volumes on a monthly basis is essential to optimising a quarry or a mine operation. With the use of GCP’s our aerial data can accurately measure stockpiles more efficiently and safely than traditional methods. Read more.

Insurance Assessment

Skyview Drones can play a part in all stages of the insurance process. Our drones will be used to gather data before a risk is insured, to help in preventative maintenance and to assess damage after an event.Read more.

Roof Report and Inspection

Skyview Drones will help your business improve productivity and insure safety, by capturing vital information and measurements without risking your team on roofs and the expense of scaffolding. We gain immediate visual access from a live feed on the ground. Read more.


We can generate thermal images and maps that detect faulty cells in panels and also provide cleaning assessments to keep solar farms running at their peak efficiency. Avoiding the risk of a possible fire can easily be rectified by having solar panels inspected regularly. Read more.